Year of Publication Secondary Authors Type of Publication Link
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2013 J.Sorana Akama T ourism D evelopment in K enya C ritical issues challenges and Book view
2013 M.N. Amutabi; S. Nasong’o R egime C hange and S uccession P olitics in A frica F ive D eca Book view
2013 C hallenges facing procurement committees in implementing the pr Journal Article view
2013 T. Falola; M. Amutabi; S. Gundona frica after F ifty Y ears R etrospections and R eflections Book view
2013 C ritical understanding of J ohn D ewey s progressive T heory A Journal Article view
2013 J. Wabwire T he role of community R adio in development of the rural poor N Journal Article view
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