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The annual 2019 agricultural show held by the Agricultural Society of Kenya for the Southern Kenya Region kicked off on Wednesday 10th at the Gusii Stadium and to Sunday 14th July. This year’s show theme was “promoting innovation and technology in agriculture and trade” aimed at helping farmers come up with innovative methods of boosting their production. The show attracted many entries from various institutions each competing for the top position in various categories and classes which included universities, colleges, agricultural societies, and other tertiary institutions.

 Kisii University was on the forefront in inventing new innovations which could enhance agriculture and trade. Inside the Kisii University stand there were various sections/ classes ranging from the health sector, pharmaceuticals, Information technology section whereby the students displayed advanced innovations in IT such as the automated baby care system which is able to take care of young infants as the mother works on the farm. Another innovation was the automated solar tracker which maximizes the sun light by tracking the position of the sun throughout the day. There was also a smart crime application for reporting the actual details of a crime. These innovations greatly impact on agricultural production as well as trade. The also had an animal health section whereby the students displayed an artificial insemination method for breeding cows. The hospitality and catering section was also not left out as this sector brought out their professionalism in cooking and the clean display of their mouthwatering dishes. 

All these sectors were finally covered by the media section which took account of all activities going on in and out of the Kisii University stand. The media studio was live on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook covering the events as they unfolded.

Out of the 12 classes which Kisii University registered, we received 9 recognitions, with 7 of them scooping the top position. Kisii University won the following classes;

  • Best University stand
  • Best stand in media services.
  • Best stand in hospitality and catering services
  • Best stand in youth activities, empowerment and capacity building
  • Best display and services in the health sector and pharmaceuticals stand
  • Best pharmaceuticals and agro chemicals stand
  • Best stand that promotes national cohesion and integration development

Kisii University scouts, the Flamingo Rovers contributed majorly in the show as messengers of peace, bringing home the national cohesion and integration development trophy. There was stiff competition from other institutions, but our teamwork and cooperation gave us the breakthrough. We attained a second position in the best institution and/or research stand that interprets the current show theme.

Being the best university stand in the entire show, Kisii university has received many visitors ranging from investors, agricultural societies, primary and secondary school students who came to see the various innovations and advancements on the agricultural and trade sector.