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Kisii University receives a Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets from Center for International Migration (CIM)

Kisii University has received a Bio-safety Cabinet class II Type A2 from Center for
International Migration (CIM) in support of returning scientists/experts from Germany. This
equipment was granted to Dr. Eric Omori Omwenga of the School of Health Sciences at Kisii
University after a competitive application to CIM as a returning expert from Germany. In
receiving the equipment, Dr. Omori revealed that the Bio-safety cabinet that costs
approximately KES 1,200,000 Million shillings will contribute to solving the equipment,
research and training needs of the School of Health Sciences. The Bio-safety cabinet will
offer protection from harmful aerosols and airborne particles in the laboratory and provide a
safer environment for the compounding of hazardous drugs, powders and cytotoxins through
a three tiered filter system.  It can be used in many applications, including cell culture,
pharmaceutical, clinical and microbiological work. The Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Akama,
in receiving and handing over the equipment to the School of Health Sciences congratulated
Dr. Omori and the team that had worked tirelessly to ensure the equipment arrived safely at
the University. He revealed that through the effort and commitment of scholars, the
University can attract funds that will contribute to the growth of the University’s research
profile besides filling significant equipment needs for teaching, research and extension.