This is to inform  all candidates who qualified for conferment of Degrees and Award of various Diplomas of Kisii University that the 6th Graduation Ceremony will be held on Friday, 14th December 2018 starting 8:00 a.m. at the Chancellors’ Pavilion, Main Campus, off Kisii - Kilgoris Road. The information regarding preparations for the ceremony is as follows:

  • Examination Results

The results of the examinations are available from the offices of the respective Deans of Faculties/Schools during working hours.

  • List of Graduands

The list of graduands for the 14th December, 2018 Graduation Ceremony will be available on the University Website www.kisiiuniversity.ac.ke as from 9th November, 2018. All graduands are requested to confirm the order and accuracy of their names. The names must be in the order in which they shall appear in the final certificates and should be the same ones in previous certificates, admission letter and are supported by the national identification card. Any corrections or omissions should be reported to the respective Deans of Faculties/Schools. No certificates shall be printed with any initials. Any subsequent corrections as a result of negligence by a graduand will be effected at a fee of Ksh.1000

  • Rehearsal

Graduands wishing to participate in the ceremony MUST attend the rehearsal at the pavilion on Thursday, 13th December, 2018 at 8:30 a.m. Graduands attending the rehearsal must be seated by the stated hour and be in complete attire.

  • Fees

A mandatory non-refundable fee as stated below must be paid not later than 15th November, 2018. Payments should be made to the University Bank Account as provided below.

Kenya Commercial Bank,       Branch: Kisii Branch

Account No:  1135404291    Account Name: Kisii University

In addition, graduands MUST HAVE CLEARED any outstanding fee arrears and all other dues owed to the University, failure to which they will not be included in the Graduation Booklet or be allowed to Graduate.

The following are mandatory Graduation Charges regardless of whether you attend the graduation or not, for the various categories of graduands which must be paid not later than 15th November, 2018.









Kshs. 6000

Kshs. 1000


Kshs. 7500



Kshs. 5000

Kshs. 1000


Kshs. 6500


Postgraduate Diploma

Kshs. 4500

Kshs. 1000


Kshs. 6000


Undergraduate Degree

Kshs. 4000

Kshs. 1000


Kshs. 5500


Diploma/ Certificate

Kshs. 3400

Kshs. 1000


Kshs. 4900

  • Academic Attire

During the ceremony, only graduands who will be in full Graduation Attire will be allowed entry into the Chancellors’ pavilion. Graduands who wish to hire gowns are required to apply to the Registrar, Academic Affairs and pay as stated above.

Application forms will be available at the Academic Registrar’s Office, from 6th December, 2018 during office hours. The forms can also be downloaded from the University Website: www.kisiiuniversity.ac.ke. Gowns will be issued as from 10th to 13th December, 2018 excluding 12th. Graduation attire should be returned by 21st December, 2018 latest after which a penalty of Kshs. 1000 per day will be effected.

  • Invitation Cards

During the hiring of Graduation Attire, each graduand will be given 1 (one) invitation card for their guest. Persons without invitation cards will not be allowed into the pavilion during the ceremony.

  • Punctuality

On the graduation day, graduands and their guests will be expected to have taken their seats by 7:30 am. Those arriving late will not be allowed into the pavilion.


Tel: 0720-875082

Email: acregistrar@kisiiuniversity.ac.ke