Kisii Univesity receives Glomax multi-detection system from TReND

Teaching and Research in Natural Sciences for Development in Africa (TReND) has offered Kisiii University a Glomax multidetection equipment. This was after competitive bidding coordinated by the Research and extension office and School of Health sciences personnel: Prof. Anakalo Shitandi, Dr. Wyclffe Mogoa, Dr. Erick Omori, Dr. Stanslaus Musyoki and Mr. Nemwel Aming’a.

The Glomax multidetection system has four functionalities: Luminescence Module, Fluorescence Module, Visible Absorbance Module, and UV-Visible Absorbance Module. It will be hosted by the School of Health Sciences. It will be used for teaching, research and clinical activities.  

The Vice Chancellor in handing over the equipment to the Dean School of Health Sciences indicated that the equipment will support the University to offer high quality teaching and research to undergraduate and graduate students besides supporting faculty to conduct cutting edge life changing research.  

The University also received Finnipipete F2GLP-KIT-1 and F112 Channels 30-300UM from the German Academic Exchange for the scientific laboratories.