(NACOSTI) Science Week

(NACOSTI) Science Week

Kisii University participated in the National Commission of Science Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI) Science Week at KICC Nairobi Kenya as from 22nd to 26th May 2017. The exhibitions were as follows:

Solar Drying by Frankline Matanji and Linet Kombo

Solar drying is a technology used to dry vegetables without interfering with its nutrient content. The technology is designed to increase food security and household income. Kenya has been identified as food insecure country therefore need to improve food security at the household level and increase income through reduced losses from field to market and maintaining quality product for sale is ideal.

The technology will evaluate changes in household food security and income to most families since the dried crops will be sold to areas where the vegetables are scarce.

Online Lifestyle Risk Nutrition Counselling System by Chepkirui Eddah

disease such as cancer, cardiovascular, overweight/obesity, hypertension, lack of physical activity and diabetes remains the leading cause of death in the world due to ignorance, lack of knowledge on how citizens can control, lack of time, financial disincentives and lack of full training in existing system. The exhibition is an online Lifestyle Nutrition Counseling where users are able to follow up their weekly recipe with nutrient information, seeking advice on the need of good diet so as to control such diseases, buy food given if need arises and linking one with specialist. Therefore, this website will be used by not only general people, but also by dietitians, nutritionists and experts in the field of food and nutrition.

Home Intrusion Detection System by Meshack M. Shivina

Insecurity is a major concern in Kenya. Majority of citizens cannot afford an alarm system installed in their homes, because they are very expensive and once they detect intrusion, it only alerts the contracted security team which takes time to respond leading to loss of lives and properties. The Home Intrusion Detection System detects intrusion into homes and houses, sends an alert SMS to the homeowner, the police force and any other security team proposed by the client.

The system has two major modules: the sensor module and the communication module. The sensor module has a PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) used for sensing human presence. The communication module has the GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) which sends an alert SMS to the homeowner, police force and the security team. The system is efficient, reliable and affordable by many homeowners.

Captive Breeding of Endangered African Carp, Labeo victorianus by Elijah Kembenya

The exhibition was about an endangered species of a fish endemic to Lake Victoria Basin known as Labeo victorianus. This species is listed in the IUCN red list of endangered species. The population of this fish has been reduced due to predation by Nile perch, overfishing, use of illegal fishing gears and climate change. We have been able to successfully breed this species in captivity with an intention of producing enough fingerlings which can be restocked into the Lake to increase its population. We are also testing the potential of this fish as an aquaculture species. We are currently testing its growth performance under different culture systems and different diets.