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                                DR. YAMBO, ONYANGO M. JOHN. PhD, MEMSK, KIM.



                                  P.O BOX 408 – 40200 KISII.

                                 TEL: 0733256101/0723285714

                                E-MAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Marital Status- Married with 5 children

Present Post : Lecturer and Ag. Post Graduate Coordinator.








Educational Management and Policy Studies

Moi University



Educational Administration

University of Eastern Africa, Baraton



Theology(Old Testament Studies)

Great Lakes University of Kisumu GLUK



Religion and History

Maseno University College-Moi University.



Theology and Religious Studies

Bugema University, Kampala,



Advanced certificate (Literature, CRE, History & Geography)

Private Candidate



Ordinary Certificate

Private Candidate



Junior Secondary

Ndiru Secondary School



Primary Education

Ratta-Kouta Primary School



Eleven years District Pastor, seven years Education Director and Executive Secretary, five years primary school teacher, ten years teachers training  college, eight years part-time lecturer in various universities, currently, full time university lecturer.


  1. DENOMINATIONAL/CHURCH ORDINATION: 1ST APRIL, 2006, Ordained as a Gospel Minister, Chaplain, and Licensed Marriage Counselor and Officiator by the Seventh –day Adventist Church and the Government of the Republic of Kenya under Cap 151 of the Laws of Kenya.


  1. Appointment as Lecturer and Post Graduate Coordinator        September, 2014 Kisii University, Eldoret, Campus.

  2. Lecturer, Post Graduate Coordinator,

                       May, 2015 Kehancha/Isebania Campus

  1. Previous work experience




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  1. Kigen Josphat Kipruto: Dynamics of school management in curbing students unrest in Kenyan public secondary schools in the in Baringo County. Doctor of Philosophy, Kisii University, (On going)


  1. Pamela Akinyi Mudis: The Relationship between Stress Management Techniques and Task Performance of student Leaders in secondary Schools in Kisumu County. Doctor of Philosophy, Kisii University, (On going)

  2. Roseline Akinyi Odingo: Perception of school adjustment on Academic Achievement of Secondary Students in Kisumu County. Doctor of Philosophy, Kisii University, (On going)


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  1. Elizabeth Akinyi Okoth: Influence of Transformational Leadership Practices on teacher performance and secondary school student achievement in Kisumu county. Doctor of Philosophy, Kisii University, (On going)


  1. Omulama Aston Angote: Transfer of teachers and its effects on secondary schools administration in Kakamega County. Doctor of Philosophy, Kisii University, (On going)


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  1. Adeka Austne………………………….


  1. Odumbe Roseline


  1. Asenath Atieno Achuku


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Aug 1990  SDA Annual Education Conference, Kisumu Technical Training Institute.  


Aug.1992   East African Union Teacher’s and Chaplains Congress                   - Kamagambo Adventist College


April, 1994     Uganda Union Pastors  & Literature Evangelist Promotional conference held at  Entebbe-Uganda


Dec. 1995 Annual East African Union Teachers/Chaplains Retreat -   J.K.U.A.T-Nairobi


Dec. 1996  Annual East African Union Teachers & Chaplains conference -  Moshi Co-op College  Tanzania


April 2000  East African Division Bible Conference  at  Kamagambo Adventist College            

Mar. 2002 East African Union-Five Focus Issues &Education conference held at U.E.A. Baraton


April 2002 Annual KASHA Workshop for EAU Teachers at University of. Eastern Africa, Baraton


May 2003 Adventist Television Network, Satellite Dish Antenna, LBN & Satellite   Receiver conference at East African Union -Nairobi  


Aug. 2003 Annual KASHA Seminar for EAU Teachers Chaplains & Counselors  held at                                   Murang’a TTC


Dec. 2004 Annual East Central Africa Division Rwanda Chaplaincy Convention Emphasizing Holistic Education On Hosp., Military, School Teachers University Chaplaincy) held at the National University of  Butare, Rwanda.



April 2006 Annual KASHA Seminar for EAU Teachers/Chaplaincy held at Giriama Beach Hotel, Mombasa


May 2006   Ministry of Education KESI Course on Educational Management for  DEB-Members Tom Mboya Labour  College,  Kisumu                                                                                                                        

Aug.2006 Ministry of Education KESI- Strategic planning held at the Kenya Institute of Administration (KIA) Nairobi


October, 2006 Adventist World Radio-Radio Workshop and Training on Communication- Intermediate course on Radio Magazine Production held at Ongata Rongai, Nairobi


March 2007 Adventists Scholars and Writers Seminar - Advent Hill, Nairobi


January 2012 NACADA Conference: Towards a Society Free of Alcohol and Drug Abuse   - Kenya Institute of Administration   (KIA) Nairobi


3-5th Sept 2013 First International Interdisciplinary Conference  organized by University of Eldoret and Anambra State University, Nigeria held at University of Eldoret, Kenya.


25-27th Sept. 2013 Kenya’s Educational Reforms and Devolved Govt.  organized by Education Management Society of Kenya at  Kabarak  University.





  1. 2016 Guest Speaker, Annual camp-Meetings of the SDA Church.

  2. 2014 Trainer: Proposal and project writing for ECDE Diploma students in Rongo Sub county ECDE Centres

  3. Reviewer: Journal of educational Research and Reviews (ERR)

  4. Reader: The Educator Journal

  5. 2005 Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) Presiding Officer, during Referendum at    Kisumu Town West Constituency

  6. Planner: KESI now KEMI strategic plan development and eventual changing former Highridge Teachers College to KEMI institute, Nairobi, 2006


  1. 2007 Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) Deputy Presiding Officer, during the General Elections at Kisumu Town West Constituency


  1. 2010 Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC) Presiding Officer during the Constitutional referendum at Rongo Constituency


  1. 2006 –2012 Member Provincial Education Board (P.E.B)   -    Nyanza Province –Kisumu


  1. 1997 -2007  Chairman Langi Kochiel Youth Polytechnic of Kombewa Division


  1. 2001 - 2006  DEB Member  Siaya and Bondo Districts


  1. 2003 -2007  BOG Member  Olembo, Maliera, Bunde & D.O Makasembo Secondary Schools


  1. 2006-2007        DEB Membe   - Nyando and Kisumu Districs    


  1. 2004 -2007          Secretary Seme Kowe Welfare Association


  1. 2007 –Present     Chairman   Seme Kowe Welfare Association






XII.     Ongoing Research



Chaplaincy, Reading, Research, Athletics and Gospel Music



      Maseno University

      P.O.Box 333

      MASENO, Tel. 0724677173



    Nyarach Mixed Secondary School

    P.O.Box 125  Rongo 40404  Tel. 0728589491                                                      



        Senior Accountant, University of Eldoret

        P. O Box 1125 Eldoret

       Tel 0717400022



     Principal, Arundo Secondary School,

    P. O. Box 80, 40404 TEL. 0721573540 RONGO