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The AuthorAID scientific manuscript writing workshop was held at Kisii University on 24th and 25th June 2015. This workshop was facilitated by Kisii University and AuthorAID/INASP, a UK based scientific organization which works to support developing country researchers in publishing their work while INASP aims at strengthening research and knowledge systems.

The research and extension office had successfully in the month of February 2015 developed a proposal to AuthorAID for the facilitation of the scientific manuscript writing workshop for postgraduate students in the field of natural resources management in Universities in south western Kenya.

Professor Anakalo Shitandi, in his presentation on title, selection of journal for publication, authorship, abstract and introduction took the participants through the origin of scientific writing, and the general format for scientific writing including the IMRAD story. Further, Prof. Shitandi took the audience through the process of developing an abstract, title for a paper, authorship, introduction and how to select a journal for publication.  

Dr. Barasa presented on communicating effectively in English about research. This was a particularly interesting presentation among participants who were coming from the natural resource management field not used to presentations from linguists. Dr. Barasa took the participants through the principles of effective writing and emphasized the need to communicate effectively. She reiterated the fact that communication can affect your career and successful scientists focus on effective writing to communicate their research findings.

Prof. Albert Getabu took the audience through the process of writing an effective literature review, development of SMART objectives and the designing of the methodology section in the development of a scientific manuscript for publication.

Prof. Njiru, took the audience through the results and discussion section in developing a scientific manuscript for publication. He revealed that the results section was the most important part of a paper as it presents new findings while the discussion section was the most difficult section because the researcher has to put his/her thoughts into context in the paper.

Dr. Onchieku, made his presentation on Conclusion, Acknowledgement, References, Appendices and submission of paper for publishing, and making corrections and adherence to journal requirements. He revealed that researchers should ensure they follow journal requirements to ensure they minimize the chances of rejection and lessen the length of the review process.

Dr. Penina Kamina of SUNY, Oneonta, a Carnegie scholar to Kisii University and Dr. Enock Obuba were also present. They advised participants to avoid plagiarism and follow the journal requirements in their quest to publish high quality papers.

Participants at the AuthorAID Scientific Manuscript Writing Workshop at Kisii University .

An ongoing mini exercise with Prof. Anakalo Shitandi during the training workshop 

Participants pose for a group photo after the workshop

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