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Year of Publication Author's Name Secondary Authors Type of Publication Title Link
2014 Shitandi A. M.S. C.; S. A.; M. P. Journal Article {E}ffect of {I}ncubation period and growth medium composition on exopolysaccharides yield within indigenous fermented {K}enyan {M}ursik {M}ilk view
2014 Nguzi V.K N. V.K; M. S.W; K. G.M Journal Article {S}imulation {M}odel for drying in the automated grain drier view
2014 M. Amutabi M. Amutabi Book {E}nvironment and {D}evelopment view
2014 Onguti Rael O. Rael; A. George; M. Robert; M. Wilfred; N. Zablon; P. Ondima Journal Article {A} comparative study of the influence of infused {HIV} and {AIDS} {E}ducation on student’ {HIV} and {AID}s awareness in {A}inamoi and {S}igowet {D}ivisions, {K}ericho {C}ounty, {K}en view
2014 Rapudo A Onyango R.A. Onyango; R.W. Ongus; F.M. Awuor; C. Nyamboga Journal Article {I}mpact of {A}doption and {U}se of {M}obile {P}hone {T}echnology on the {P}erformance of {M}icro and {S}mall {E}nterprises in {K}isii {M}unicipality {K}enya view
2014 Christopher Ngacho C. Ngacho Journal Article {A} {P}erformance {E}valuation {F}ramework of {D}evelopment {P}rojects: {A}n {E}mpirical {S}tudy of {C}onstituency {D}evelopment {F}und ({CDF}) {C}onstruction {P}rojects in {K}enya view
2014 M. Amutabi M. Amutabi Book {E}ducation and {D}evelopment in {A}frica view
2014 John Okeyo R. Tombe; S. Kimani; J. Okeyo Journal Article {M}ethod for {S}oftware {M}aintenance {R}isk {A}ssessment at {A}rchitecture {L}evel view
2014 Ogata R. B. O; S. A.; M. J; O. R. Journal Article {E}ffects of lactic acid fermentation on the retention of beta carotene content in orange fleshed sweet potatoes view
2014 Evans Basweti P.A. Omoro; A. Shitandi; R.O. Bitonga; E. Basweti Journal Article {D}etermination of {F}armer’s {C}hoice of {F}ertilizer {A}pplication {R}ate {A}nd {I}ts {E}ffect on the {G}reenhouse {T}echnology {P}erformance in {G}usii {H}ighlands, {K}enya. {I}nternational {J}ournal of {A}gricultural {E}xtensi view


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