Year of Publication Secondary Authors Type of Publication Link
2013 E xisting B udget T ransparency M echanisms and the E ffect of t Journal Article view
2013 R.M. Moindi; etel. Paul C. Ondima D egree S tudents A ccess to A cademic R esources K isii and L a Journal Article view
2013 A. F; ; R. K; R. D ICT solution architecture for eagriculture IST A frica C onferen Journal Article view
2013 R enaissance of H uman K ind C onscience and P rinciples for res Journal Article view
2013 E valuation of factors influencing the performance of K enyan se Journal Article view
2013 ntibacterial S creening of T ea L eaves E xtract on S elected B Journal Article view
2013 D egree students A ccess to academic resources K isii and L aiki Journal Article view
2013 F.Mzee AWUOR ICT solution architecture for agriculture IST A frica 2013 C onf Journal Article view
2013 M.T.S.N. 1; K. L.; K.E. W.3; O.B.R. 4; E valuation of bacteriological quality of aircraft food at then Journal Article view
2013 M.R.Ondima Pau el E valuation of factors influencing the performance of K enyan S Journal Article view


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