Year of Publication Secondary Authors Type of Publication Link
2014 M. Amutabi E ducation and D evelopment in A frica Book view
2014 N. V.K; M. S.W; K. G.M S imulation M odel for drying in the automated grain drier Journal Article view
2014 P.A. Omoro; A. Shitandi; R.O. Bitonga; E. Basweti D etermination of F armer s C hoice of F ertilizer A pplication Journal Article view
2014 M. Amutabi E nvironment and D evelopment Book view
2014 C. Ngacho P erformance E valuation F ramework of D evelopment P rojects A Journal Article view
2014 E valuation O f T he E ffect O f H exose O xidase O n T he B rea Journal Article view
2014 B arriers to E ffective P arental P articipation in T eenage M o Journal Article view
2014 R. Tombe; S. Kimani; J. Okeyo M ethod for S oftware M aintenance R isk A ssessment at A rchite Journal Article view
2014 B. O; S. A.; M. J; O. R. E ffects of lactic acid fermentation on the retention of beta ca Journal Article view
2013 E xisting B udget T ransparency M echanisms and the E ffect of t Journal Article view


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