Year of Publication Secondary Authors Type of Publication Link
2015 M.M. Nyatika; N.A. Aming'a E ffects of E ducation A ttainment and P revious T raining on F Journal Article view
2015 B ioactivity of C issampelos P areira M edicinal P lant against Journal Article view
2015 P.A. Omoro; A. Shitandi; R.O. Bitonga; E. Basweti D etermination of F armer s C hoice of F ertilizer A pplication Journal Article view
2015 M.Charles Ocharo; I. Nyakweba; K. Kandie; O.Benard Momanyi I mpact of C omputers I mplementation on A dministration U se in Journal Article view
2015 M ethod for S oftware M aintenance R isk A ssessment at A rchite Journal Article view
2015 S. Makone; ; J. Ngeywo F armers R esponse to O rganic and I norganic F ertilizer U tili Journal Article view
2015 ntibacterial S creening of T ea L eaves E xtract on S elected B Journal Article view
2015 M. Amutabi E nvironment and D evelopment R esearch the C atholic U niversit Journal Article view
2015 I mpact of C omputer I mplementation on A dministration U se in Journal Article view
2015 R.A. Onyango; R.W. Ongus; F.M. Awuor; C. Nyamboga I mpact of A doption and U se of M obile P hone T echnology on t Journal Article view


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