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2015 Catherine Muthoni Munyi E.Kithionji Mbaeh; F.Kwayera Wafula; C.Muthoni Munyi; J.Muiruri Njoroge Journal Article {I}mpact of {HIV}/{AIDS} on {H}otel {S}taff {P}roductivity in {K}enya: {S}urvey of {S}elected {H}otels in {N}orth {C}oast{J}ournal of {T}ourism, {H}ospitality and {S}ports view
2015 Rose O. Bitonga P.A. Omoro; A. Shitandi; R.O. Bitonga; E. Basweti Journal Article {D}etermination of {F}armer’s {C}hoice of {F}ertilizer {A}pplication {R}ate {A}nd {I}ts {E}ffect on the {G}reenhouse {T}echnology {P}erformance in {G}usii {H}ighlands, {K}enya. {I}nternational {J}ournal of {A}gricultural {E}xtension{I}nternational {J}ou view
2015 Esther J. Chepkok J.K. Kandie; E.J. Chepkok; K. Edward Journal Article {F}actors that {I}nfluence {G}ender {S}treaming of {K}enya {C}ertificate of {S}econdary {E}ducation ({KCSE}) {IN} {P}ublic {S}econdary {S}chools in {B}aringo {C}ounty, {K}enya, {I}nternational {J}ournal of {C}urrent {R}esearch vol.7. {ISSN}: 0975-833{X} view
2015 Constantine Nyamboga R.A. Onyango; R.W. Ongus; F.M. Awuor; C. Nyamboga Journal Article {I}mpact of {A}doption and {U}se of {M}obile {P}hone {T}echnology on the {P}erformance of {M}icro and {S}mall {E}nterprises in {K}isii {M}unicipality {K}enya{W}orld {J}ournal of {C}omputer {A}pplication and {T}echnology 2(2): 34-42, 2014 view
2015 Evans A. Basweti S.M. Makone; E.A. Basweti; D. Menge; E.M. Mang'ana Journal Article {A}nalysis of {C}oping {M}echanisms against {F}ood {S}hortage {A}dopted {B}y {H}ouseholds {F}arm {F}amilies in {G}usii {H}ighlands, {K}enya{IOSR} {J}ournal of {A}griculture and {V}eterinary {S}cience({IOSR}-{JAVS}) e-{ISSN}: 2319-2380, p-{ISSN}: 2319-2372 view
2015 Nemwel A. Aming'a M.M. Nyatika; N.A. Aming'a Journal Article {E}ffects of {E}ducation {A}ttainment and {P}revious {T}raining on {F}arm {P}ractices among {P}ineapple {F}armers in {T}hree {B}arangays in {P}hilippines{A}sian {J}ournal of {A}gricultural {E}xtension, {E}conomics and {S}ociology view
2015 Wycliffe Nyachoti Otiso W.Nyachoti Otiso Journal Article {A}n {E}valuation of {P}olitical {M}obilization {S}trategies {E}mployed by {V}igilante {G}roups in {K}isii {C}ounty during the 2013 {K}enyan {E}lections view
2015 Paul Ondima O. Rael; A. George; M. Robert; M. Wilfred; N. Zablon; P. Ondima Journal Article {A} comparative study of the influence of infused {HIV} and {AIDS} {E}ducation on student’ {HIV} and {AID}s awareness in {A}inamoi and {S}igowet {D}ivisions, {K}ericho {C}ounty, {K}enya{J}ournal of {E}ducation and practice, {ISSN} 2222-17 view
2015 Samson M. Makone, J.C. Ngeywo; A.A. Shitandi; ; ; D.N. Nyangena Journal Article {F}amily {A}ttachment to {C}offee {F}arms, a {C}ase of {C}offee {F}arming in {K}isii {C}ounty, {K}enya{I}nternational {J}ournal of {R}ecent {R}esearch in {I}nterdisciplinary {S}ciences({URRIS}) vol 2, {I}ssue 1 view
2015 Philip A. Omoro P.A. Omoro; bA. Shitandi; bR.O. Bitonga; Journal Article {D}etermination of {F}armer’s {C}hoice of {F}ertilizer {A}pplication {R}ate and its {E}ffect on the {G}reenhouse {T}echnology {P}erformance in {G}usii {H}ighlands, {K}enya{I}nternational journal of {A}gricultural extension: {ISSN} 2311-61 view


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