The office of Research and Extension organized a training on Minute and Memo Writing...

The office of Research and Extension organized a training on Minute and Memo Writing on 13th April 2017 to administrative assistants from each department within the University. The training was held at Magharibi hotel. It was officially opened by the Registrar, Research and Extension. The training will be done in two phases and this was the first phase. The second phase will be on writing of policy briefs.

The first presentation was on Minute Writing. This was covered by Dr. Margaret Barasa. She highlighted different aspects in writing minutes. She elaborated that before a meeting is scheduled, an agenda should always be done first. The agenda should be included in the invitation letter which is being issued to committee members. Notices of a meeting should be done two weeks earlier so as to give members enough time to plan for the meeting. Further she stressed that before one attends a meeting as a secretariat; he/she should first set his mind to be alert and away from any destruction. Dr. Barasa requested members to use language that can easily be understood by everybody when writing minutes. Other components in minute writing include; Opening prayer, Apologies, Communication from the chair, adoption of the agenda, Confirmation of minutes of last meeting, Matters arising and taking of notes as per each item in the agenda. The final draft of the minutes should be done immediately after the meeting but not later than 3 days.

The second presentation was done by Mr. James Agwenyi. He highlighted on the components of a memo. He further requested the member to always consider the target audience and the language to use in writing a memo. A memo should be carbon copied to only specific people who are being affected by the content of the memo. Further, he reiterated that memos should always have a letterhead of the institution that they are originating from. When memos are being addressed to more than one person, this should be done as per seniority of the people involved or their academic qualification.


  1. Members requested for more of such fora in the near future since this will equip them with more administrative skills.
  2. It was proposed that such trainings be carried out to all heads of departments in the University.
  3. Members will be having meetings for the next three weeks to test their skill on minute and memos writing before they are issued with certificates.