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{A}ssessing the {E}xtension {S}taff {F}arm {V}isits {F}requency {E}ffect on {G}reenhouse {T}echnology {P}erfomance in {S}mall {S}cale {F}arms in {G}usii {H}ighlands, {K}enya{O}pen {A}ccess {L}ibrary {J}ournal{O}pen {A}ccess {L}ibrary {J}ournal

Title{A}ssessing the {E}xtension {S}taff {F}arm {V}isits {F}requency {E}ffect on {G}reenhouse {T}echnology {P}erfomance in {S}mall {S}cale {F}arms in {G}usii {H}ighlands, {K}enya{O}pen {A}ccess {L}ibrary {J}ournal{O}pen {A}ccess {L}ibrary {J}ournal
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of PublicationSubmitted
AuthorsOmoro, PAlinyo, Shitandi, A, Aming'a, NM, Basweti, E
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