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{E}valuation of {S}mall {S}cale {F}armers’ {E}ducational {L}evel, {E}xperience, {A}ge and {E}ffects on {P}erformance of {G}reenhouse {T}echnology {P}roduction of {H}igh {V}alue {H}orticultural {C}rops in {G}usii {H}ighlands, {K}enya.{A}dvances in {R}ese

Title{E}valuation of {S}mall {S}cale {F}armers’ {E}ducational {L}evel, {E}xperience, {A}ge and {E}ffects on {P}erformance of {G}reenhouse {T}echnology {P}roduction of {H}igh {V}alue {H}orticultural {C}rops in {G}usii {H}ighlands, {K}enya.{A}dvances in {R}ese
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsOmoro, PA, Shitandi, AA, Maobe, SN, Ogata., RB
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