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QUESTION : How do I become a library member?
ANSWER : Kisii University Library is a university library and all students and staff of Kisii University are members by default. If you are a student or staff, Please register yourself with the user services librarian in the User Services Department in the Library.
QUESTION : How do I use the catalogue?
ANSWER : The catalogue is a list of all library information materials. This list is arranged alphabetically by subject. You first need to know which subject your search is and then check it in the catalogue, then check the title of the book you require and. write down the corresponding call number. Use the call number to retrieve the book from the shelves.
QUESTION : Why do I have to leave my bag with the security?
ANSWER : For security reasons. Although the Kisii University library trusts all its users, in the past and in other university libraries, some clients have been found to have left the library with information materials they did not borrow legally. Also within the library some clients complain that they left their bags in the library and later did not find it. So for your security and for the security of information materials, your bag should be left with the security at the entrance. There you can be assured it will be safe.
QUESTION : I can't find the book I am looking for?
ANSWER : Well, there are many reasons for this.
a) You are looking for it in the wrong place-make sure you have the right call number and you are looking in the right shelf.
b) The book is on the tables-Library clients are allowed to take books from the shelves and use them on the tables, the book you are looking for could be on a reading table.
c) Some one could have borrowed it-the library has many clients and the book you are looking for could be borrowed.
d) The book could be mis-shelved-this happens regulary especially when clients tend to do the shelving. You are advised not to try to shelf andy book you use.PLEASE LEAVE ALL THE LIBRARY MATERIALS YOU USE ON THE TABLES. As you will agree this can lead to you not finding a book.
e) the book could be on shortloan. The library selects some books and shelves them in shortloan section. Make sure where the book you are looking for is shelved from the catalogue or the librarian.
f) the book could be taken for repair and/or binding. The library materials suffer from wear and tear due to use. For this reason the library selects those in bad condition and repairs them. During this time the information materials is not accessible. This does not take a lot of time, so it should not worry you.
QUESTION : How do I communicate with the library?
ANSWER : Your can do this in several ways.
(a) You can also do this by writing down your message and drop it in the suggestion box provided at the library entrance.
(b) You can also talk to any of the librarians that are on duty. You can identify them by their budges/staff identification cards.

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