Registration and Guidelines

(a)       Library Registration

The library registers new users at the beginning of every academic year. However due to intakes at various times throughout the academic year the library registers users at the beginning of every semester. The users fill in a form and records are entered into the library database.

(b)       Library Guidelines

All the information materials on the library’s open shelves are for borrowing.

All users of Kisii University library are required to register by completing membership forms. Information materials are borrowed for a specific period.

·        Borrowed information materials must be handled with care.

·        Writing, defacing or damaging information materials is prohibited.

·        The library reserves the right to cancel membership of a user on the basis of misconduct.

·        Smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed in the library.

·        Briefcases, large bags, hats (kofias) and parcels must be deposited at the luggage area.

·        Silence must be maintained in the library all the time. Issue desk is open for lending from 9.00am to allow library staff to shelve information materials used the previous night and for the library to be cleaned.

·        Lending information materials closes at 8.00pm to allow library staff to wind-up evening service.

Loan procedures must be properly completed before library information materials are taken out of the library. Users will be informed when reserved information materials are available and must be collected within 24 hours of the notice.

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