Lending Regulations

Lending regulations

·        Unregistered members of Kisii University library are not entitled to borrowing facilities.

·        Borrowed information materials not returned on due date will receive two reminder notices within a specified period of two weeks each. Thereafter a demand letter by the university Librarian will be sent before the case is reported to the principal for appropriate disciplinary action.

·        Lost borrowers tickets will be replaced at a fee of Ksh.100 per ticket.

·        Users who inconvenience others in any way while in the library will not be allowed in the library at all.

·        Unauthorized borrowing of library information materials will be treated as theft, punishment of which will be determined by the University Librarian.

·        Information materials borrowed on regular loan and not returned on due date will be charged Ksh.10 per day per item.

·        Information materials borrowed from the short loan and not returned on due date will be fined Kshs.20 for the first hour and Ksh.10 for every subsequent hour.



Person No of Books Duration
Academic Staff 6 1 Semester
Non- Academic Staff 3 2 weeks
Masters Students 3 2 weeks
PhD Students 5 2 weeks
Undergraduate/Diploma/Certificate Students 3 2 weeks
Part-Time  Lecturers 3 2 weeks

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