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Organs of KUSU

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Organs of KUSU

KUSU organs as per the provision of this constitution shall be:

a) Members in General Meetings;

b) The Secretariat;

c) Executive Council;


b) Deputy President;

c) Secretary General;

d) Academic Affairs Secretary;

e) Finance Secretary;

f) Organizing Secretary;

g) Sports and Entertainment Secretary;

h) Gender, Culture and Social Welfare Secretary;

i) Special Needs Secretary; and

j) Governor(s).

d) House of Representatives; 

Subject to this constitution, the students’ House of Representatives shall consist of Academic Representatives elected from the School, Institute, Faculties and Satellite Campuses as follows:

  • One member each from every School, Faculty, Institute or Campus with less than 1000 ordinary members;
  • Two members each from every School, Faculty, Institute or Campus with a student population of over 1000 ordinary members; and
  • Three members each for a campus with a student population of more than two thousand (2000) ordinary members one of whom shall be elected as Governor and shall sit in the executive committee; and the others as Assistant Secretary General and Assistant Financial Secretary respectively and shall sit in the House of Representatives.

b) The elections of the academic representatives shall comply with the 1/3 gender representation rule as provided for under article 81 (b) the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

c) The Dean of Students shall be an ex-officio member of the Student House of Representatives offering consultative advice and directions; but shall not be entitled to vote on any question before the House of Representatives.

e) Committees.

There are created KUSU standing committees to help the executive run the affairs of the union. These are:

i) Academic Affairs Committee - Academic Secretary.

ii) Finance and Accountability - Speaker of the House of Representative

iii) Welfare committee - Gender, Culture and Social Welfare Secretary